Our Heritage
Before 1936 Leagrave was part of Biscot parish. Services were held in a 'Tin Hut' at the top of Oakley Road. In 1936, Leagrave became a 'Conventional District' and the first Priest-in-charge was appointed.

A new church was badly needed and a dual purpose building was built on a site further down Oakley Road. Unfortunately this church was completely destroyed by fire in 1947. So it was back to the Tin Hut.

Soon after this, Number 1, Compton Avenue was purchased for the Priest-in-Charge, and a new hall was built behind the church for social events. In 1954 the first Curate was appointed and in 1955 a permanent church was being built in the High Street and the foundation stone was laid by the Duchess of Kent. This new church was consecrated by the Bishop of St. Albans in June 1956.

The new Vicarage was built about two years later and the Curate then moved into 1, Compton Avenue. The Hall behind the Tin Hut was still being used but in 1962 a new hall was built beside the Vicarage and opened by Sir Harold Werner of Luton Hoo.
Almighty God, build up your Church upon this rock, that in unity and peace it may proclaim one truth and follow one Lord, your son, our saviour Jesus Christ.
A Parish in the Diocese of St Albans
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The Garden of Remembrance was dedicated in 1964 and the Book of Remembrance was donated to keep records in.

Because the Parish was extending into the new Tophill estate it was decided to sell
1 Compton Avenue, and 39 Butely Road was purchased in 1971.

Two stained glass windows have been added to the church, one in the Lady Chapel and one in the sanctuary. Both were gifts from parishioners. In 1978 the second-hand organ was replaced by a new one.

At the beginning of the 1980s the new ASB service book was introduced. We celebrated our Silver Jubilee in 1981 when a detailed history of St. Luke's was written. During the late 1980s the church and Lady Chapel were both carpeted and the pews were replaced by chairs.
Since the 1947 fire in Oakley Road St. Luke's Church has suffered three further fires, one in the Sanctuary in 1975, one in 1991 in the Sacristy which also affected the Lady Chapel and one in 2010 when the Advent wreath caught alight causing substantial smoke damage to the church and forcing services to be held in the hall.

1996 saw our fortieth anniversary with a wonderful week of celebration enjoyed by both past and present clergy and parishioners. In 2006 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a year long series of celebratory events and services.

Now we have entered our 6th decade, we hope St. Luke, Leagrave will continue to go from strength to strength.

based on text by Wendy Neilson
Formerly St Luke's Archivist
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