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News & updates from St Luke’s – W/C 03rd May 2021

Light up the world

Thy Kingdom Come 2021

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus. Since its start in May 2016 God has grown Thy Kingdom Come from a dream of possibility into a movement. Christians from 172 countries have taken part in praying ‘Come Holy Spirit’, so that friends and family, neighbours and colleagues might come to faith in Jesus Christ.


How to take part?

Pray for 5 people (family, friends, neighbours, co workers…) to come to faith in Jesus. You can use a band and tie 5 knots, each one representing one of your 5. Or maybe each time you drink a cup of tea or coffee, you could remember to pray?


What’s special about 13th to 23rd May?

The 13th May is when we celebrate Jesus’ ascension into heaven and from the bible we know that after this the disciples gathered with Mary, constantly devoting themselves to prayer while they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, which this year is on Sunday 23rd May. Like them, our reliance on the gift of the Holy Spirit is total – on our own we can do nothing.

Through the centuries Christians have gathered at that time to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ picks up this tradition. Over the years more and more worshipping communities have dedicated the days between Ascension and Pentecost to pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’. We are praying that the Spirit will inspire and equip us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our friends and families, our communities and networks. It has been amazing how many varied ways there have been in which people from every tradition have taken up this challenge. The effects have been remarkable. Whether you have joined in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ before or not, we invite you to take part – along with churches from over 80 different denominations & traditions in nearly 90% of countries (172) around the world.

“In praying 'Thy Kingdom Come' we all commit to playing our part in the renewal of the nations and the transformation of communities." Archbishop Justin Welby


Flowers in memory of a loved one.

Due to covid our flower team isn’t operational, however, Lynda Brown has been bringing a vase/display of flowers for our Sunday services. Lynda has kindly offered to make displays in memory of loved ones, by writing a small card which will be placed in front of the flowers. If you would like to take Lynda up on her offer please call her on: 07963 193 130 

From Chaos to Calm

Free art based wellness programme.

St Luke’s has received funding from Near Neighbours to run a free art based wellness programme. No art experience required, you work at your own pace and the resources are delivered to your door. Please see the flyer! The programme is open to members of the congregation and the community.

For more details or to sign up please contact Linda Oliver on: 07746 202 162 or e: stlukesluton@gmail.com

Electoral Roll open for revision.

The Electoral Roll is a list of people who can vote at our annual general meeting and stand to be elected to the PCC. The Roll was only revised last September. If your address has changed or you are new to St Luke’s and have been attending for the past 6 months you may wish to be added to the register. Please contact our assistant PCC secretary Cynthia Morgan e:stlukepcc@gmail.com


Annual Church Meeting will be on 16th May 2021 at 10am


St Luke’s PCC needs you! This is team that works with me to ensure as a church we carry out and live out the mission of God in our Church and community. We are also responsible for the finance, building, and safeguarding. We meet once a month on zoom and carry out work in between our meetings.

You need to be on the electoral roll to stand and all PCC members are required to be DBS checked. You serve for 3 years. Previous members can be re-elected if they have been off the PCC for a year. For more details please speak to our church wardens Jacqui Brown or Andrew Headley.

Jacqui: 07752 284 371. jacquibrown20@msn.com

Andrew:  07432 888 236 andrewbjh@gmail.com

God bless

Grace, the Vicar.